The 2018/2019 Committee of the SDMA is listed below.  Committee members may be contacted as indicated.

Phone Number

0409 624 895

Vice President  0408 481 506
Secretary  0409 000 028
Public Officer
Geoff Bassingthwaighte
0408 481 506 
Club Captain    
Point Scores
Dave King
Pre-event Secretary
(Queries regarding event entry should be directed to the Event Secretary listed in the Supplementary Regulations on the Entry Forms page)
Magazine Editor  0421 677 951
Publicity Officer    
Membership Secretary  0421 677 951
General Members
Col Merz
John Stewart
David Yates
Mark Wyatt
Geoff Wren
Ron van Heuzen
Dave King
Daniel Cummins
FPCC/CMSC Representative
NSW CAMS Representative