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Southern District Motorsports Association Inc.
Held under the International Sporting Code of the FIA, and the National Competition Rules of CAMS.
PO Box 1484, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620 (Incorporated in the ACT)

CAMS Permit No: 120/0103/01
Event:  SDMA Club Hillclimb        Date:  Sunday 1st of March 2020        Event Location:  Fairbairn Park
Declaration by Competitor: (NOTE: THIS IS THE CAR OWNER)
Being a Financial member of the Southern District Motorsports Association and being the owner of the car described below, hereby enter my car for the above event and agree to be bound by the rules thereon which I agree, govern the event.
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CAMS Affiliated Car Club
Southern District Motorsport Association (Day membership may be available if you are a member of another CAMS affiliated Car Club, contact the Event Secretary , listed below, for information
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Competition Category Types (summarised, see www.sdmahillclimb.com/entry for full details)
Type 1/2 - Standard or minor modifications   Type 3 - More modified Vehicles   Type 4  - Extensively modified Vehicles   Type 5 - Race Vehicles   Type AE - Electric powered Vehicles
Type AWD 1/2 - AWD, standard or minor modifications   Type AWD/SV 3 - AWD and 2WD kit vehicles, more modified   Type AWD/SV 4 - AWD and 2WD kit vehicles, extensively modified

Classes: Type 1-4 and SV/AWD: 0-1600cc, 1601-2000cc, 2001-3000cc, over 3000cc
Type 5: 0-750cc, 751-1300cc, 1301-2000cc, over 2000cc   Type AE: EV
Payment Method:     Cost of this hillclimb event is: $85(Senior) and $50(Junior)

Unless a prior arrangement has been made with the event secretary, entry fees for hillclimb events MUST be received into the SDMA bank account before the close of entries. If the fee is not received, your entry will be deemed invalid and your car will not run on the day.

EFT Details BSB: 633000
Account: 153212766
Name: SDMA
Cheque/Money Order/Cash Cheque/Money Order MUST be made payable to SDMA and then forward to: 71 Maitland St Hackett ACT 2602
Name: Dave Peisley
Phone: 0409000028
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